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February 13, 2017

Firstly may I introduce myself, My name is Alex White, Director of Wessex Telecom and I thought I would share with you a number of ways that you can save money on your business telecoms.

Wessex Telecom is a small local business providing a range of telecoms services such as VoIP, ADSL & Fibre Broadband along with PSTN & ISDN Lines. We like to offer our customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ with extremely competitive pricing, high customer service and simplified billing.

So let me share with you some ideas on how you could save money:

• Don’t be fooled by Introductory offers – Most telecoms providers will offer Introductory rates e.g “12 Months Half Price Line Rental for £11.99 a month” When you investigate further you’re actually signing a 24 month contract with standard line rental at £23.98 this would total £431.64 over the contract. With us, our standard line rental is £14.95 totalling £358.80 for the same period. Always read the small print and make sure that you are saving money throughout the life of the contract, not just at the start.

Consolidate your services – If you get all your services under one roof, you can ask your telecoms provider to issue you with only one bill. This keeps things much simpler for you, plus, if all your services are with the same provider, you are likely to be able to negotiate better rates.

• Check your Call Tariff – Check your per minute rate to landlines and mobiles to see if you’re on the best deal. We can provide calls to landlines from 1ppm and Mobiles from 3ppm. Check to see if your receiving these same rates. Many bigger companies may also charge you a connection fee of as much as 15p just for dialling someone else’s number.

• Avoid Calls to Premium Rate Numbers – Some companies may use an expensive Premium Rate number for their calls, this can cost a fair amount each month. Use websites like SayNoTo0870.com to find their geographic or Freephone number.

Consolidate your Lines – If your business has recently restructured or downsized don’t forget to reduce your lines. This is could be especially important if your on ISDN. Also think – Does your Fax Machine need a separate line or could you use a Fax to Email service? Could your PDQ Machine run on the same line as your broadband? – Why pay for 10 lines when you only need 4!

• Adequate Care levels – Make sure you have adequate care levels on your services. Choosing an adequate care plan will avoid lengthy downtime if you have to report a fault.

• Use Voice over IP – Many telecoms companies now offer a Hosted VoIP Solution. This allows calls to use your internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. Using a VoIP service is often much cheaper per month than having ISDN or PSTN lines and will allow you to access cheaper call rates.

• Utilise an IP Based Phone System – Using an IP based phone system either on premise or in the cloud will provide you with huge flexibility. It will allow your staff to work from home, the office or on the road allowing greater productivity. Employees working from home can be a great benefit to your business especially in those Winter months.

• Pay by Direct Debit – Most companies charge an administration fee to pay by cheque or through BACS, so paying by Direct Debit could be the cheaper, hassle-free option for you.

Online Billing – Choose to receive your bills online, not only will you be doing your bit for the environment by getting rid of paper bills, but your records will also be easier to access and will allow you to monitor your spending and reduce any unnecessary expenditure.

We have loads of ideas and ways to save your business money on telecoms. Why not let me tell you about them over coffee? If your interested, then drop me a line on 02380 170270 or email comms@wessextelecom.co.uk