Business & Enterprise Phone System Features

Communication Anywhere

Our hosted platform can interconnect with your branches and employees wherever they are. What’s more, once you are connected to our platform, you can call within your company completely free – whether you are calling from London to Los Angeles, or just across the office, it won’t cost you a penny.


Simple Centralised Control

You have the ability to change everything your phones do. Whether you want to add a new user, configure voicemail box or add a new range of DDI’s – you can do this yourselves; or if you prefer, we can do it for you

Online Portal Features Online Portal Features for Perspective Unified Communication Solution

Unified Reporting

You are empowered to analyse your calling patterns to ensure you are deploying your resources effectively. Our Unified Reporting system enables you to see when you are most busy, how many of your calls are answered, who answers the most calls and much, much more.

Central Call Reporting and Data Exportonline call reporting

Call Recording

One of the unique features of the Wessex Telecom hosted platform, is the ability to have unlimited call recording. Unlike other systems, we do not restrict the amount of calls you can record, or the amount of space you use. All your calls are easily downloaded from the Portal, and you can even download several calls at once to send in an email, or listen to on your iPod at a later date.

Online call recording and playback

Easy Call Handling

You are able to update how your incoming calls are handled with ease and simplicity. We have engineered our platform from the ground up putting the user first. You can change how your incoming calls are processed either from the Portal, or even from your IP Phone on your desk!

Online web based call handling Handset based Call handling

Online Billing

You can keep a track on all your phone call expenditure with our integrated online billing system. This allows you to see where you are calling the most, what users are spending the most money on the phone, and much more. You can even download your entire bill straight in to Microsoft Excel, where it is already formatted and sorted for you to view. If you use interdepartmental billing, you even have the ability to see the call spend for groups of users/

departments which you can then bill for internally.

Online billing Online billing and data export

Cisco Jabber – Enterprise Only

Cisco® Jabber unified communications (UC) application lets you be more productive, anytime, from anywhere on any device. Wherever you are, you can quickly and easily find people, see if and how they are available, and collaborate using instant messaging (IM), voice, high definition video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing. Jabber gives you the power to work your way, from any device and within the familiar applications and business processes you use every day. Communications and collaboration are changing to be inherently more mobile, social, visual and virtual. Cisco Jabber delivers a collaborative experience from your preferred device that lets you be as productive when mobile as you are at your desk. Cisco Jabber takes advantage of intelligence in Cisco networks and Cisco Unified Communications Manager to deliver secure, reliable, and high quality communications. Secure and interoperable, Jabber puts IT in control with deployment flexibility and investment protection. You get a consistent experience across on-premises and cloud-based deployments — and Jabber utilizes industry standards to ensure interoperability across Cisco and with third-party solutions.

Cisco Jabber - unified messaging and video conferencing

Extension Mobility – EHC Only

With the Wessex Telecom hosted voice service, you log in to your phone just like you log in to your email. This means that if you want to move desks – or even office – you simply log in to the phone with your username and pin. The phone then intelligently configures itself with your speed dials and extension, and customises itself to the way you like. It even brings your DDI with it. So, if you normally work in London, and you have an 020 direct dial, when you log on to a phone at your Manchester office, people dialling your 020 number will reach you right away. What’s more, this is completely free – even if you are abroad. You won’t incur any cost for receiving a call in any other territory when you use your IP Phone. You can even configure your phones to log you in automatically when you log in to your PC.

mobility1 mobility2

Click to Dial

Rather than having to manually dial a number from your phone, with the Wessex Telecom hosted voice service, you simply click on a contact in Outlook, CardScan, ACT!, SAP or other TAPI enabled contact management system and select the dial option. Your IP desk phone automatically dials the selected number, and you are connected immediately. Also, you can integrate your phone number databases with the Perspective Communications Ltd hosted voice service, so you can search your contacts from the phone without the need for a PC. This is especially useful for phones that are situated in common areas where there is often no computer near by. Any number which is stored in your phone number databases is also looked up in reverse when a new call is received. This means that as well as seeing the caller’s number, you also see their name. This enables you to answer the phone in a more personalised manner to your customers and colleagues.

Computer click to dial