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November 2, 2016

One of our lastest customers used to rely on an in house Avaya telephone system connected to ISDN lines for their calls. With three full time staff, their needs weren’t massive, yet their quarterly phone bill was always in excess of £195. This combined with their phone system lease of £250 gave them a quarterly total of £445.00

Worse still, their phone system was coming to the end of the lease and the supplier wanted to renew this.

At a networking event the business owner heard about Wessex’s service from another customer and got in touch. He was delighted to find that he was able to cancel his phone system lease along with the expensive ISDN lines. Utilising an existing broadband connection Wessex Telecom installed their “Business Hosted Phone System”.

With Wessex Telecoms’s help, the customer has been able to reduce their monthly phone bill to less than £50 – a significant saving!

Here is how we helped

Customers Previous Charges – ISDN (Per Month)

ISDN Line Rental  x 2 = £45.60 + VAT

Call Charges = £15.00

Phone System Lease = £83.14


Wessex Telecom’s Hosted Phone System runs over a broadband connection. The customer required two Cisco handsets at the main office and one Cisco handset at home.

Hosted Phone Charges – 12.50 x 3 = £37.50

Call Bundle – £4.00 x 3 = £12.00

Monthly Total = £49.50 + VAT

Without the expensive phone system lease the customer saves over £94.00 per month!

And it gets better… The owner regularly travels around the UK and wanted to be able to take calls on his mobile routed from the office. With the App installed on his smartphone the owner can log into his extension and make calls from wherever in the world he happens to be.

What started out as a desire to reduce costs has now turned into something that is giving this client significant business benefit whilst also reducing costs.

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